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“If just for a second I could bring my customer into my world by diversifying their palette through a drink I would be satisfy.”



Aperitivo with Friends


Monae “MOE” Mitchell is a native of Detroit, Michigan, but was reared in Charleston, South Carolina. She graduated from Goose Creek High School and followed that by receiving her Bachelors of Science in Biology from Winthrop University. Monae’s goal is to receive her Master’s in Chemistry.


While working to fund and complete this goal she began working at, "Blue Note Bistro" as a waitress and transitioned to bartending after getting her credentials in 2020. What started as a hobby turned into a passion, 

in mixology.


Moe was able to combined her love for Science and People by embarking on a new journey in which she now calls, “Kall Me Tipsy." She believes that it’s her way of getting the best of both worlds. Her mixology skills are unique and for both reserved and distinctive palettes. She hopes to travel the world and spread a vibe like none other to everyone she encounters. She won’t stop until all her goals are met and, "Kall Me Tipsy" is a common well-spoken name everywhere. 

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